Secret Santa Magic

So, I’m still not knitting.  The stitches are out of my hand (it’s so good to be able to get it wet!), and it’s starting to feel a lot better, though stiff and I’m doing range of motion exercises, but I’m trying to be *more* respectful of the doctor’s guideline this time, so I’m finding new and interesting ways to keep my self entertained.

Throw yourself back to a few weeks ago, my husband mentions that he has signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange, and I think, oh, some nerd thing, no big deal.  Now it is my full on obsession.  It turns out, this is the largest Secret Santa in the world, and it is amazing.  They don’t just do Secret Santa either, they do gift exchanges ALL year long, including needle crafts, fabric, yarn and other craft friendly themes!!!

Reddit Gift Exchange
Smoo, the Reddit guy, gets dressed up appropriately for each exchange (Santa, Fabric, Yarn, Hats & Scarves).  Photo Credit : Reddit Gifts

It’s facilitated by the website, and just like you would imagine, you sign up, write a bit about yourself and your gift preference and get assigned someone to send a gift to.  You also log when you retrieve your info about your partner and ship the present to your buddy.  There’s even a system for messaging your giftee if you have questions or want to send them hints or something.

My husband got someone who likes candles, candy, and the game League of Legends.  So he MADE her a toy (he’s not usually the crafty one).

It’s a Poro from League of Legends.  He hand sewed it.

And some mysterious items are on the way to him as we speak, including one from  Finding out about RedBubble was like a gift unto itself.

Red Bubble
Some of the designs you can turn up searching knitting on  There’s over 1400 results for knitting.  Have Fun!

I wish I had jumped in with him in time to participate fully, but I missed out for this year.  It’s okay though, because I did sign up to be a re-match Santa for the Holiday Card Exchange and I got to send a card (and I may have tucked a few flat fun items in there) to someone, with no expectation of getting one back.  The re-match Santa program is there for when regular Santa’s fall down on the job.

I can be a bit of squish, and reading through the gallery of the Secret Santa is pretty much my full time hobby right now.  It makes me feel the “Holiday Spirit” for real.  People put so much thought into what they do for strangers.  They are so generous.  The thanks offered often talk about this being the highlight of their holiday season.  It is a beautiful little corner of the internet to observe right now.  AND its full of great gift ideas, including some neat yarny ones!



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