Gifts outside the yarnbox

I didn’t really plan up a fancy gift guide, but my husband is putting some finishing touches on some pressies right now (more things I can’t do sans hand – gift wrapping) and I thought, how ’bout I show you some of my favourite knitter gifts I’ve seen this year…of the non-yarn variety.

Yarn bowls!  

It seems, the one I truly love is not currently available, but check this out, by Maid of Clay Ceramics, a yarn bowl with your name on it!  I guess they were just toooo popular and will be back when bandwidth allows.

Photo Credit Maid of Clay Ceramics

There’s lots of great ones out there though!  Here’s a few others! The Yarnit makes your knitting fully protected and portable (it has a shoulder strap! Moustache optional.), the modern designs from Barruntando on Etsy make me swoon, and local potter Clay Pigeon Designs apparently takes commissions, so you could dream up the yarn bowl of your needs!

PicMonkey Collage
Photo credits: Left, Yarnit, Right Upper Barruntando, Right Lower, Clay Pigeon Design.


Do you know a sweater knitter? I bet they’d like this new book! It’s called Good Measure: Knit A Perfect Fit Every Time.  It complements theory and patterns, and teaches you some of that magic juju required for making garments that fit YOU.  Awesomesauce.

Project Bags!

There are so many project bags out there, you are bound to be able to get one that matches up with your favourite knitter’s interests.  And if you can’t, I almost guarantee they’ll like this one from KnitPicks (it also comes in a tote bag version).

Photo Credit KnitPicks

Fine, Yarn!

I know, I said not yarn, but in my travels on  the web this morning I found some thing delightful, colourful and Canadian! Kaleidoscope Dyeworks is clearly speaking my color language.  And they are on top of the speckle trend.  Speckles are where its at.

Photo Credit Kaleidoscope Dyeworks

So, I hope that helps if you are shopping for a knitter…or yourself…or you just like looking at pretty things, which is what I felt like doing today!


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