I’d rather be knitting

It’s official.  I’d rather be knitting.  My hand definitely hurts too much to knit, and my medical advice is to take a break for a while…but for anyone who had 6 days in the pool, you win the non-existent prize.

So, I present, for your enjoyment and my entertainment – things I’d like to be knitting, a likely incomplete list.

More Charity Hats! 



I can’t get enough!  Barley is such a satisfying knit, and there are so many great places to contribute them to right now like 25,000 Toques, Warm Hands Network, on Aknitica’s yarnbombed horse at the war museum, or probably through your local yarn shop where ever you are.

Fun Socks!

I fell down a serious Ravelry hole recently that helped me discover several notable sock patterns.  Also, bus rides without sock knitting are less cool.

In particular, I swooned for these Swirl Socks.

Swirl Socks
Photo Credit Maia Discoe

And these, called Easy Pattern for Self-Striping Yarn.  And I am rich in self-striping yarn!!!

Self Striping Socks
Photo Credit Frida Aberg

Advent KALendar (!)

And then I saw this KAL this morning.  Oh dear.  It’s an Anna Dalvi Shawl pieced out in 24 mystery clues so it will be finished on Xmas eve!!! Ack!  At full strength, I’m sure I’d catch up in no time.

Photo Credit Anna Dalvi

I must use this longing as motivation to take excellent care of my hand so I can knit these things and so many more cool stuffs when I’m healed and can knit like a champ.



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