In time for the official end of NaKniSweMo, as promised, here are some better shots of the sweater in action.

I’ve worn it a bunch already, and I’m amazed how not over heating it is, even in Aran weight.  I expect that’s the magic of all natural fibres at work.  Wearing it also makes me feel like I have superpowers, since I can reveal my secret identity as the knitter of this garment at any time. Watch out world!

I really liked doing NaKniSweMo, and it was less life consuming than I expected.  I never knit more than 5K stitches in one day.  And apparently, this time at least, I had time to spare.  I really like how it sets you up with a fresh new sweater (that fits your current you) at just the time of year when you really start to need one.  And it’s always nice to have the company of other knitters taking on the same silly idea as you, and being supportive.  I will strongly consider doing it again next year…she said, bravely.


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