I talk a lot about my friend Aknitica on here.  I realized recently she has really taught me almost everything important I know about knitting – she was there at the beginning when we were retail co-workers who would get together and have rice krispie treats at her apartment and I would knit dish cloths and furry scarves, I was motivated to come to guild because she was speaking, I took her lace shawl class and it changed everything for me, and then I had her over for a private class/birthday party where we learned fair isle techniques.  All that, and she’s a pretty wonderful, kind and supportive friend.

Well, Aknitica has been pretty gosh darned busy this month.  She was commissioned by the Canadian War Museum to do something amazing. Something Yarn-mazing.  I went to go see her doing some of the final assembly yesterday, and it was even better than I had imagined.

Aknitica yarn-bombed a HORSE.

I’ve seen finished photos, and it got even more amazing than this. 

It is so incredible.  There are basically no words for how cool this thing is. And she knit it in three weeks!  LESS time than my NaKniSweMo sweater! It fits the horse impeccably, and I think it really shows off what knitting can do!

The day was really neat too!  It was part of the Museum’s Awesome Sundays program so Aknitica/Amanda was there, putting on the finishing touches/seams/pompom mane on the horse and talking to the museum crowd, there were some groups of historical knitters and the Friends of the Canadian War Museum along with the women’s service organization IODE (which does not stand for Imperial Order of the Daughter’s of the Empire anymore) talking about the role of knitting during wartime and showing amazing examples of things that were knit for soldiers and sent to the front.Amazing Yarn

The museum also has a few lovely places to sit and knit, if you decide to go visit the horse.  And I totally recommend you do!  Seeing this thing in person is really something.  It’s bigger than you think.  It will be there all of December, and probably into January.  And that cart behind it isn’t just for decoration!  It’s taking knitted donations!  Husband and I will be going to more properly visit the museum when my hand is messed up and I am going batty from lack of things to do.  The World War Women exhibit seems right up my alley, and features even more on knitting during wartime.   You may get a further report.

This is in the cafe.  And the the second sock is well underway! T-3 to hand surgery!  

Aknitica, seriously, take a bow.  Enjoy a rest.  What you did is incredible. You remain, as ever, a superstar!



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