I DID IT!!!!  I won at NaKniSweMo!!!  I win a gorgeous new sweater!

It’s still drying as we “speak”.  I promise proper beauty shots when its dry.

Once those sleeves were done, I really sailed through the rest.  I mean, I had to figure out a bunch of stuff from there on out, which is probably what took up the most time.  I learned how to seam shoulders.  And had a major brainwave about something I’ve been doing wrong in ribbing my whole knitting career (not moving the yarn from the to the front and back when necessary).  I learned how to knit button holes properly (I’d always skated by on yarn overs before).  And, when the button band was all done, I learned how to properly set in a sleeve.  So that was a bunch of cool new skills for my repertoire!  Many more thanks to the magic of!

And then, all of a sudden, late Tuesday morning, there was a wearable sweater! So I put it on, marched down to Darrell Thomas Textiles and bought it buttons.  There were lots of awesome choices (as always), but I was pretty magically magnetically attracted to the ones I ended up going with, and the store staff supported my choice.

It is the funnest place to buy buttons.  Seriously.  And I don’t want to hear about it if you like the other ones better.   

After its dry from this final block I’m never going to take it off.  It is probably one of the best fitting pieces of clothing I own.  And the colour is my colour.  And I can’t believe I knit it in just over three weeks.  It came out around 56,000 stitches, so I guess that’s over an average of 2300 stitches a day! Go me!

The whole project showed me that I am way better at sweater knitting than I imagined, and that putting a little focus on something really helps get it done quickly and that you can always make time to knit.  I didn’t knit a stitch of anything else since November 1, and I knit on this every day at least a little.  It will probably be a while before I can take on another sweater, since we are now T-minus a week to right hand surgery, but doing this made me more excited and confident to take on the next sweater type project!  Yay!



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