Unscheduled Free Time

I never anticipated finishing NaKniSweMo with time to spare.  In fact, I figured I’d be lucky to be done in time for my surgery at all.  So now I find myself in a strange place with a week of “unscheduled free time”.  And no serious knitting projects on the go.

Thankfully, I have socks.  Because I always have socks.


The current pair are in Regia Drive wool that I picked up at that Wool ‘N Tart in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  It’s an awesome colour way, but I prefer a softer sock wool (even though it might not wear as well over time) and this is kind of scrtichy.

So on Tuesday night, when I was wearing my just finished sweater and chatting with my pals trying to figure out what to knit for the next few days, we decided I should do my best to clear these socks off my needles, so that when my hand surgery is healed, I’ll get to start fresh on socks I love.  Which will be easy because I might have recently ordered a fairly medium sized pile of Knit Picks Felici from their Black Friday-ish Sale.

I am currently at sock number one, and am 4.5/6 inches through the foot.  So, with seven days finishing them could be doable…if there weren’t a bunch of other things to do.  Sigh.  Will update you on how far I get.



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