A sojourn on Sleeve Island

This week was all sleeves all the time.  Someone on the Ravelry forum called this phase “Sleeve Island” and I haven’t been able to get that out of my head. After a false start and a helpful Youtube video, I did get them going two-at-at-time, for my sanity and to promote symmetrical mistakes, which seems like a good thing.  I actually quite enjoyed the beginning, with the increasing rounds as there was lots of feeling of progress. But, I could have done without the 8.5 inches of plain tube knitting.  At least it was very portable.  I knit them on the bus this week! And at a friends house!  And while we played games!  And basically everywhere.

Boom, two at a time sleeves!  

I had limited knitting time Saturday, but managed to squeeze in most of a sleeve cap (my first one! neat!) and did the second one this morning.  Then I seamed together the shoulders of the body (thanks again Youtube!), which I had blocked while I was knitting the sleeves this week – because #Nakniswemo is all about multitasking! And then I set to picking up the buttonband – the last real knitting part of this project!  Holy moly!  I’m becoming quite confident I’m going to get this done!  YAHOO!


It’s over 50,000 stitches now!  Wooot!




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