Full Bodied

Here we are at the half-way point of NaKniSweMo already!  And I think I might be more than half way through this sweater! I hope so, because its going to have a bit of finishing work to do at the end so I’m trying to make sure I leave myself a day or two to do that!

This weekend, I set myself the goal of finishing the body of the cardigan.  And that just happened.  And I am so excited I had to sit down and write this post immediately.  First of all, it feels like a finished object!  The sleeves are knit separately – and even though it still needs buttonbands, this is a definite accomplishment in sweater progress.

38,060 glorious magenta stitches y’all. (By my best estimates, which are a bunch of numbers scrawled across the pattern)

Secondly, and even more importantly, immediately after that photo, I got out my locking stitch markers and temporarily secured the shoulders.  You see, working from the bottom up, I’ve mostly been crossing my fingers that this would fit.  I mean, I knew my measurements were my measurements, but you can never be too certain.  This was my first opportunity to check anything to do with the fit, and I am beyond delighted!

I couldn’t have asked for it to fit better than this.

It’s kind of beyond my wildest expectations for fit at this point.  Especially when you consider it isn’t blocked or button banded yet.  (I’m holding it together in the front for that photo).

Happy dance!!!  Next step: Sleeves.  I will look at this picture of the sweater body whenever I get bored and need invigoration.  I’m going to try to do them two at a time, because the thought of doing the same thing twice tends to drive me crazy unless it involves self-striping yarn 😉  Yay sweater!!!


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