Progress Update and a Weekend with my People

First of all, my NaKniSweMo project (Good Grades) is coming along swimmingly!  I actually can’t believe how much progress I’ve made this week and how sweatery it’s looking!  My hands are a bit grumpy about it – the already surgeried one gets stiff sometimes, the one going under the knife gets tingly in the mornings, but I’m backing off when it gets bad, and I think I’m actually well ahead of where I need to be to finish this thing in November (I think, I actually don’t know the full stitch count).

This is 22,360 stitches of sweater! I’m so happy with how the cables are looking!

Of course, I got a lot of sweater done this weekend because I was at the Eastern Ontario Needler’s Retreat.  Oh my goodness it was wonderful.  The people.  The setting.  The classes.  The food.  The knitting.  It was all grand.  I’m almost too tired to talk about it still, but seriously, if you can get to a knitting retreat, or class, or group or cruise – do it.  It’s so awesome to be with a big group of people full of ideas and tips and tricks and knowledge about something you love.

On Saturday morning, I learned about sweater fitting.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this.  And now I am totally jazzed.  I am having to actively restrain myself from designing and casting on my very own vest pattern.  Saturday afternoon was sock heel mastery with Aknitica.  I am definitely going to apply her tips to prevent the “hole” that comes along with my afterthought heels – and to not pick up all my stitches backwards!  By Sunday morning, I was pretty fried, but I still made the best stab I’ve ever gotten towards figuring out double knitting.

Classes Collage
A few highlights from my class snaps.

But there was also an incredible show and tell night to kick things off and an amazing vendor/raffle night in the middle!  Can you imagine?  I showed my fair isle cowl and my Summertide shawl, and people asked me questions about them and seemed really interested and impressed.  I know you are wondering, but with the impending surgery, and my recent purchases, I didn’t buy anything at vendor’s night (though I was sorely tempted).  However…I did win a little something from the raffle!

It’s Dream In Color, Baby Lace Weight. 700 yards of Superfine Australian Merino in the colourway Into the Mystic, and it’s discontinued.

I also definitely made a lot of new friends from the experience.  Since I got home my Ravelry account is full of messages/friend requests.  And I got to know lots of folks from the guild a lot better.  I hope to be lucky enough to make this an annual tradition, because with this view, who wouldn’t want to?

From my very own balcony. Seriously.

5 thoughts on “Progress Update and a Weekend with my People

  1. I’m actively jazzed you are thinking / designing / knitting a properly fitted vest for yourself! See you Monday at the Guild. I hope to see a vest army by next year😀


    1. Fitted vests will soon become the unofficial uniform of the guildies and retreat buddies I’m sure! I will definitely be taking on a vest…in the Spring, post recovery from this round of carpal tunnel surgery. See you Monday!


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