Tiny Birdies and a Silly Plan

So by now, you have likely gathered that I am an occasionally silly person, with silly ideas.  At aquafit on Friday, I had one what is likely of my sillier ideas.  I was thinking about how my husband is doing Movember (you should sponsor him, he shaved off his beard of 10 years to grow this ‘Mo) and that I should do something equally stupid in November.  Then I remembered that November is National Knit a Sweater in a Month Month.


I tried to get some more sensible friends to talk me out of it.  I even tried to get the husband to talk me out of it.  But they were all supportive.  You see, I actually want to knit sweaters, but I never do.  I get distracted with all the other things.  And I really enjoyed the social atmosphere of the #summertideMKAL I did earlier this Fall.  My friends all said, you’re going to knit anyways, why not make it a sweater?

My next steps were to pick a pattern, wool, and to clear my needles.  Thankfully, my only serious active project was almost done!  It turns out that the Aves hat knits up in a flash!  And I love it!  I finished it late last night, learning a new exciting way to make pompoms using two toilet paper rolls, since I don’t have a maker.

Aves Collage

And now I can focus on the zaniness!  I ended up choosing a pattern called Good Grades, partly because I liked the style, and partly because I loved that some of the work was done for me on adapting the pattern to my size – it has three hip variations!  I knew I would want a super reliable wool, that would be in stock at Wool-Tyme, so I chose Cascade 220 Aran…in Magenta, so I’ll know its mine 🙂  I caked and swatched last night during Hallowe’en fun, so amazingly, despite my late planning, I was ready to cast on this morning!  And! This is already paying off, because I learned a magical thing during my cast on when I looked up a way to estimate the amount of yarn you need for a long tail.  YOU DON’T NEED TO!  What will they think of next?


So, probably a few less finished objects for the next month.  And then for the month or two after that due to surgery.  But, some neat project updates.  And quite possibly at some point me banging my head against a wall.  Silly blogging ahead one way or another!


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