Night of a Million Vendors

My yarn diet is over!  I’m not meant to go crazy now and buy all the yarn or anything, I’m in more of a maintenance phase.  But, we have reached the agreed upon point where I could buy more yarn.  When I decided I was cut off, back in July, I had just come home from Nova Scotia with armfuls of fibre-y gorgeousness.  Since then, I’ve: had hand surgery, finished 2.5 pairs of socks (3 balls when they’re all done), one shawl (2 skeins), a hat/cowl/mitten combo (3 skeins), my fair isle cowl (10 balls) and a baby sweater and hat (2 balls).  Focusing on what I own definitely got me to use some more of my stash instead of getting caught up in new prettiness for a little while.

But, that can’t last for ever.  We have an economy to grow.  The Ottawa Knitting Guild October meeting is always special, because it’s not a meeting at all.  It’s Vendor’s Night!  A craft show of sorts, where all the amazing local yarn-i-sans come to our meeting locale and bring their wares to us!  So, that was the deal. No yarn buying till Vendor’s night.  Monday night was Vendor’s night guys!!!!!  It was so great!!!

When the doors opened, it was pretty overwhelming, our Guild can be quite a crowd!  So I spent a few minutes catching up with my pal One Stitch, One Step, while people settled in.  Eventually, I became totally visually distracted by some yarn from Log House Cottage and set to the business at hand.  In the long run, I ended up magnetically attracted to the first thing I saw on the Crazy Dog Yarns table, which several guildies saw me bonding with and petting – of course it was a self-striping sock yarn, in hot pink and orange!

It’s actually called “Just what I need”. SO TRUE.

My other purchase took a bit more searching.  Most of the vendors know the audience, and bring a LOT of sock yarn (great for socks, and shawls – popular among the guild!) but with my upcoming hand surgery, I was on the hunt for more bulky.  I even have a project in mind:  “Not-so-tiny slippers” by Ysolda Teague.  On my second lap, I noticed a box in front of the Red Sock, Blue Sock table!  A box full of her Big Squish bulky!  Huzzah!  After much digging and considering, I decided on a pair of princess slippers.

Of course it’s called Elsa.

After my purchases were made, I encouraged some buddies as they made their own, chatted up some other lovely vendors (Hi Jamie from Violette Yarn Co.!).  It all became much more zen as the crowd thinned and became a nice chance to socialize.  Or maybe that was just my yarn shopping high.  Ahhhhhhhh.

Vendor's Night
Random scenes. That black and white basket was WAY squishy from Wabi Sabi (Top Left). Those sock blanks from Red Sock Blue Sock were gorgeous, but I’d already filled my sock “needs” (Top Right). Violette Yarn Co. had an amazing pile of gorgeousness (bottom left). And even more pretties from Wayside Weeds and Wool. (Bottom Right).

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