The End of a Knitting Era

Back in May, I thought, gee I like Fair Isle.  I want to knit something big and Fair Isle-y.  So I cast on this ridiculous scarf I found on Pinterest.  I used some different colours of Palette from KnitPicks, inspired by a set they used to sell, and a different book of patterns for reference, but otherwise, same principles.  It’s knit on size 4 circulars, 120 stitches a round (to provide the most divisibility) and it’s meant to be about 60″ long.  It was clearly one of those projects I was just never going to get done.  And then I had hand surgery.

But.  At the end of August, when I found out I was going to the knitting retreat in November I was inspired to make it happen.  At that point it was probably 20 inches?  Maybe 25?  So, I’ve put some focus on it for the last little while, and what do you know, here we are, ahead of schedule, with a crazy gorgeous cowl.  I rarely finish something I work on this long.  It’s an exciting time to be me.

This it! Fresh off the needles and onto my floor!

The finishing was, shall we say, a bit of an adventure.  Even though I had woven in ends a few times, there were more than a few left to manage.  And then I had to figure out how turn it all into a single loop.  I knew, from a previous cowl, that my best plan was the three needle bind off.  Having not planned for this at the outset, I didn’t have a provisional cast on and I broke two needles picking up stitches along the cast on edge.  So I ended up doing three needle cast off with three different types of needle (one wood, one acrylic, one metal), which was, ahem, a challenge.  It also took a WHILE to dry on the blocking board, since it was four layers thick.  Totes worth it though.

PicMonkey Collage
The pile of cut ends turned out handy for testing the colourfastness before I got brave and soaked it for blocking!  Also, note the pile of dark chocolates for fortitude through that end weaving.  Finally, I would like to thank Netflix, for adding Great Food Truck Race so I could get this done.  

I so enjoyed picking out colours and patterns as I went, and I really like how fair-isle is a bit puzzle-like.  I’m gonna miss having this project around, it was like a friend to turn to when I needed a whole day of knitting.  But!  I’m looking forward to it keeping me warm all winter.  And, in other news, there’s just barely enough left of a few colours for me to knit up the Aves hat that will not quite match, but go really well, which is a brand new pattern from my dear friend Aknitica!  One era ends, another begins!  Huzzah!

PicMonkey Collage2
Beauty shots! Of the two ways it can be worn! Single loop, long and flat, or double looped all cozy and such.

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