Summertide Beauty Shots and Lessons Learned

Finally got around to getting my shawl to model for you!  This is the last spoiler warning for the #SummertideKAL.  A very serious total final spoiler follows.  Let me ramble on a bit so that you have room and won’t see the picture right away.  Hmmmm.  Isn’t knitting great? I really like it.  It’s seriously fun to play with sticks and string and make stuff that you can use and wear and see and play with.  Hopefully that’s enough rambling for you.  Ahoy!  Pictures!!!

Isn’t she pretty? As a reminder, its Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Fire Opal, and Red Sock Blue Sock BFL in an unknown pink colourway.  
I love the way crescent shawls curl up like this. I also thought you might want to see the stitches a little closer up.

It was such a good first Mystery KAL experience.  I find myself maybe looking for another one to take on, and then remembering my other projects and that I’m having hand surgery again in like 6 or 7 weeks.  I think I said before, the MKAL helped me take on a project I definitely would have said no to if I’d seen it in advance.  I loved getting the clues one at a time and was surprised how easily I was able to keep up with the speed of KAL.  It helped me to be more mindful with my knitting in some ways, as I booked some special knitting time with my shawl sometime near the Thursday clue release.  I continue to adore pretty much anything Helen Stewart designs.  I am totally addicted to seeing the huge variety of things that have come out of the forums from this one pattern – the colour combinations and placements, blocking approaches, and other small adjustments really effect the way this looks in the long run.  I’m really happy with my shawl, and look forward to it bringing me some warm summer sunshine in the harsh winter months to come.


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