Homework’s Done!

I’m going to a retreat!  WAY back in the Spring, one of the gals at the knitting guild was singing the praises of the Eastern Ontario Needler’s Retreat, hosted by the good folks at Sheep’s Ahoy.  By the time I requested info, I had to sit on a waitlist. Then, as if by magic, one day in August, I got an email from the organizer saying my number had come up and I was good to go!  And now it’s less than a month away!

The retreat will be the first weekend of November, in Gananoque, ON and we’ll get to do three knitting classes, an amazing sounding show and tell and have a vendor’s night/raffle, all in a little less than 48 hours.  It’s gonna be great, I can just tell.

I am trying to finish this fair isle cowl for the show and tell. Hippo (the dog) is totally helping. 8-15″ to go!

Recently, the participants were sent an email with more details including homework and supplies.  I was happy to determine I would be able to get through the retreat without buying any wool in advance!  However, I did need to get a few more needles, which are within the boundaries of my yarn diet!  For me, this involved placing a Knitpicks order AND NOT GETTING ANY YARN.  I am a super-star.  I loaded up on notions and tools, and to get to my free shipping, I might have added in a new project bag and a few new buttons for my knitting bag.  I picked up the shipment this weekend and rocked out the little tubes of knitting I needed to this week (because that is the kind of thing I would hate to have to knit under pressure!).

These tubes are gonna help me learn about sock heels, from Aknitica!

I am seriously pumped for the retreat.  Knitting retreat!  Hoooooray!!!


One thought on “Homework’s Done!

  1. Woohoo! Cute little sock tubes. And I love all those shiny needles! I’m so excited about the retreat, too, but my homework is a little more… intense, shall we say. 😉 Can’t wait to see your finished cowl, and you, in person!


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