Mystery Solved!

Major, serious, complete spoilers for the #SummertideMKAL ahead, be so warned all ye who enter here!

Guys.  I got to sit down with that final #SummertideMKAL clue this week.  And it was hard.  The rows were really long.  Like 400+ stitches, 40 minutes or so long.  And some of them were complicated.  And of course my stitch markers were in the wrong place again.  But, thank goodness for my obsessing and counting to 8 a zillion times, because I think it saved me any major tinking in this section.  By then end, I’d been staring at it so long I wasn’t even sure I liked the colours any more.

But yesterday, I cast it off.  And it started to take shape.  I mean, it was a lumpy kind of shape, but at least it finally looked a bit like a shawl.

The sunlight was really striking it just so at that moment.

Of course, I had a busy day, so I couldn’t get to blocking it right away.  But this morning, I had some time.  So I pulled out my soaking bucket and cleared off the rest of the table and set to work.  In case you are unfamiliar, blocking is when you wet your knitting (often with a nice soap, like Soak) and then stretch it out in to place and leave it flat to dry.  It kind of works like cooking pasta.  Or magic.  I think it’s full on amazing.  If you ever need anything blocked, I’m your gal.

The wool fibres are relaxing. Like at a spa.

And then, a little less than a hundred pins later, we have a full-blown, gorgeous shawl, worth every minute and every long row and every challenge along the way.  And I love the colours.  And I can’t stop staring at it.

It’s the full size of my table. My table is not small.

I’ll get some prettier pictures when it’s all dry and stuff, but I was too excited to share with you now.  This was a big complicated knit for me, and I think it’s in the running for one of my top prettiest projects so far.  Yay!

You can see a bit more detail here. But mostly impossible due to my super awesome Walmart alphabet “blocking mats”.

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