Road Trip

This weekend I did not get to fall face first into the final clue for the Summertide MKAL and finish it before the frost comes (which seems really soon based on Saturday’s wintry conditions) because we took a road trip!  The husband type person and I hit the road Friday and took in some of the super awesome #jfl42 in Toronto (part of the Just For Laughs family of festivals, perhaps best known for their Montreal incarnation).  We saw five comedy shows in two nights, because we are rock stars.

Of course, this being a trip I was on, it was not without knitting.  I brought my Gummy Bean socks to work on and poked away at them pretty steadily on the way to TO.  I am on the second sock in this pair, which you’ll recall are the Vanilla Bean sock pattern, being knit out of Limited Edition KnitPicks Felici in the Gummy Bear colourway and technically part of a knit-a-long being led by The Canadian Knitter, though I’m pretty sure I’m the only one posting to Instagram about them at all.  My newish policy of making socks that I can knit without looking at the pattern is really starting to pay off.

The CN tower is visible in this photo, but it’s a bit Where’s Waldo-ish.

Once we started hitting shows, there wasn’t much time for knitting (well, I did finish the toes while waiting for our awesome seats at the Doug Loves Movies taping).  BUT!  When we were exploring a magazine store on Front Street, I did find and purchase a new knitting and crafting magazine that I thought was great!

Welcome to the shelves craftgirl!

As you can see, craftgirl is a mag dedicated to “fresh, fun and fabulous” including knitting, sewing, beading, crocheting, stitchery and more, like mixed media projects and how to pincurl your hair.  I really enjoyed that one hat pattern inside featured a pin, and later in the mag there were instructions on how to make the pin!

Hat and Pin!

I often complain that knitting and crafting magazines don’t seem like they are aimed at me, and while these projects are definitely novice, I appreciate the style and approach of this magazine and will definitely be checking out future issues (and seeing if I can get it on my iPad, since I try not to buy actual magazines, except when on vacay).

Of course, eventually, mini-vacations have to end, and after some lovely visits with a few of my favourite people and a quick stop at the Aquarium on Sunday, we headed home.  And all I had left to do on that last sock was the heel.  As we crossed Toronto, there were so many lights I was able to knit!  Once we got past that section, working with my understanding driver, we figured out a compromise where I used the light in my makeup mirror in the visor and TA DA!  Finished Objects!

I have never felt like a more hard-core knitter than when I finished socks on the 401 in the dark. I think I get a badge for this one, right?

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