All Buttoned Up

Hey you there, my pregnant cousin.  You probably shouldn’t read this one either.

Now that the teeny tree sweater was blocked it just needed buttons.  And I am lucky enough to live a hop, skip and a jump from Ottawa’s largest button collection!  It’s located at the terrifically wonderful Darrell Thomas Textiles, where I took a Summer Sewing Camp a few years ago that I highly recommend!  So I wandered down with my sweater in hand, and the lovely Emma helped me make a perfect match to my goal (wooden buttons) and even had the great idea to use the reverse side of them to really show off the wood grain.  (She came up with other options too, and was very patient when I insisted on looking at every button, as I always do).

Button Collage
Thank you Emma! (Top right is the “good” side of the button, and bottom right is the side I used!)

Adding buttons to a sweater really turns it from piece of fabric into functional object.  I thought the wooden ones were the right effect here because they held on to the gender neutrality, went with the tree theme and were nice and natural just like the 100% wool.

I think I have enough wool to make one more thing. Research will ensue.

I am working away at the remainder of the wool, since the sweater took about up about one and one tenth of a skein.  As you can see, there’s a baby sized hat now.  It’s a Barley, also by TinCan Knits.  I don’t think I said enough about how awesome TinCan Knits are in my last post.  They are a Canadian knitwear design duo that make great, modern looking designs.  The patterns generally come in sizes from baby (6 months) to plus-sized (4X), which is awesome.  The Barley hat comes from a set of free patterns they created for beginning knitters called the simple collection – it helps you build on skills project by project until eventually you knit a sweater.  The Harvest Sweater in that collection was the first big sweater I knit.  I refer all my friends who want to start knitting to the Simple Collection.  Basically, I’m a total TinCan Knits fangirl, and I think they should know it.

Yay Tin Can Knits!  Yay buttons!  Yay knitting!


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