Tiny Tree

(If you are my pregnant cousin, I recommend you stop reading this post here or risk ruining surprises).

Last week I wrote all about scheming a new shawl.  I woke up the next morning working hard to keep myself from casting that on.  And I succeeded.  By taking on a totally other project.  Realizing my right hand will be down and out in December, and that I have a new little cousin coming in January (well, my cousin is having a child…that’s my cousin once removed, so we’ll just go with cousin).  And babies born in January in Canada NEED sweaters.

Of course, I’m still on a yarn diet.  And I don’t know if this will be a boy or a girl.  And I didn’t have a pattern in mind.  But, this was happening.  So I started poking around Ravelry.  I’ve knit a Newborn Vertebrae before, which is made from sock wool, which I  am rich in – and is super cute and cozy.  And I find its frontlessness very practical for babies.  But, for some reason it didn’t seem quite right, and I knit so many socks that I actually felt like knitting something not sock woolish.

Newborn Vertebrae, in Paton’s Kroy. I probably just didn’t want to knit the same thing twice. It’s a problem I have.

Then I thought about the baby’s Mom, my cousin.  She’s a nature lady.  She’s been posting pictures of hiking while pregnant.  And then I remembered that there was a great little sweater by TinCan Knits with a tree on it called Old Growth.  And I already owned the pattern in an e-book I bought on sale.  And then it was all over but the finding of the wool.  Which turned out to be a breeze, because my stash had some Aran weight Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester in St. John’s Sky – kind of a denim blue with hints of green and lavender.  Just right (even though it will be hand-wash only).

One of the few non-pinks in my stash.  

And then I set to it.  It was my first experience with a bottom-up sweater construction, and I love baby knits for experiments because they are small and forgiving.  It was great for me to knit the sleeves first – because if I have to knit them last, they are pure monotony.  This way, I got a magical moment where I added them to the yoke and BAM!  Instant sweater!  I was perhaps a little overly focused on my knitting this weekend due to a cold, and actually banged this out in 2 fairly solid afternoon/evenings of knitting.  It’s the 0-6 months size, so it’s not huge or anything.

This picture is pre-blocking, and I still need to find it some buttons.

I am totally happy with the result.  The tree accent is excellent.  I’m left with probably 3/4 of a ball of yarn, which means there will certainly be a matching hat and possibly other baby accessories to follow. Booties?  Mittens?  What else does a baby hiker need?


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