Diving deep into Clue 3

(Here is your weekly Summertide MKAL spoiler warning)

Each of the clues so far in the Summertide Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) have been about 20% of the stitches.  I knew that couldn’t last.  With four total clues, at least one of them was going to have to be bigger.  And clue number 3 was it.  35% of the total shawl stitches. Whoa nelly.  By the end of this bad boy we’re well over the 350/stitches per row mark.  Things are getting serious.

It was another lacy clue, and while I did end up tinking one entire row (even with my zillion stitch markers (I somehow got off count and didn’t notice till far too late), overall it went a lot better.  I remain ever thankful for the support of the people on the spoiler boards at Ravelry, particularly for when this hit its first repeat and I flipped out thinking I had done something horribly wrong, only to discover that was in fact the design, and was outlined in the notes above the pattern.  I get too excited and just hop into the knitting without reading the pattern notes most of the time.

Shawl 1
I’m told it’s a shetland lace. Fancy.

My knitting time this weekend was done entirely on my couch while I worked hard attempting to resolve a cold before some travel next weekend, so no pretty pictures of parks this week.  Instead, dear readers, I took the time to pin out the shawl and give you a better sense of what the lace will look like when its done.  I think doing the MKAL has pushed me to take on something I would have looked at and considered much too complicated to bother with if I had seen it beforehand.  So that’s one benefit of the MKAL approach!

Shawl 3
I have zero regrets about my choice to stripe.

I can’t believe the last clue is coming on Thursday.  I doubly can’t believe I booked a trip for this weekend and probably won’t get to any serious knitting on it till at least Monday!  So many people will be done the shawl by the time I start the last clue!  Oh well.  It’s not a race.  We have till the end of October to finish the MKAL.  It’s just so fun to be out with the lead pack figuring it all out as I go.


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