The Mystery Deepens, Clue 2

Once again, beyond here lie spoilers for the Summertide MKAL.  Consider yourself warned.

Clue 2 for the Summertide Mystery Knit A Long (Summertide MKAL) came out last Thursday morning and you probably heard my jaw hit the floor.  Among the first words were, “Continue with colour A”.  I was shocked how disappointed I was.  I guess I was really excited to change colours!  I didn’t know how much I was counting on that!  So, I immediately fled to the Ravelry board, where the wonderful Helen Stewart herself confirmed that while she had designed this with colour blocking in mind, that the yardage will work out if you choose to stripe the clues.  With that info under my hat, grabbed my colour B and set to work.  Well, after aquafit, of course.

The only evidence of version of clue 2.0. Let’s not try to identify the errors in it.

It took me a little while to get back in the groove.  While the first clue was basically an enhanced garter swatch, Clue 2 is properly lacy.  I had to remember the difference between M1L and M1R.  I had to count stitches and place a zillion markers (I put them in between every repeat).  I had to remember how lace charts work differently than colour charts.  I made some progress.  But then, as I was poking along looking at other spoilers before bed, I realized my giant error.  My giant error four or five rows back.  I had purled a knit row.  That was going to be a lot of SK2Ps to tink to get to it.  I decided to sleep on it.

In the morning, it was all clear as day, I had a lifeline, it made sense to just start again.  And with that warm up round under my belt, it was so much smoother.  I worked out a number of other little things that had gone awry.  I took it with me to Brockville while the husband went diving and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Centeen Park as I caught up, and then got ahead of where I was.  My confidence was back.  I was in the flow as Helen describes it.  It was going to be okay.

My view from Centeen Park.

I ended up finishing clue 2 on the papasan chair on my deck on a lazy Sunday afternoon, which I think is a perfect match for the Summertide theme, even if our weather is starting to not match it so well!  Here’s hoping that my learning from Clue 2 will make for an easier Clue 3!

If at first you don’t succeed, cross your fingers you’ve put in a lifeline!

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