Building a Mystery, Clue 1

Warning: “Spoilers” Ahead for the Summertide Shawl MKAL

This week’s knitting has mostly been about the Summertide Shawl Mystery Knit A Long (Summertide MKAL).  I had everything locked, loaded, and ready for the clue to drop on Thursday morning here in Ottawa (Helen Stewart, the designer, lives in London, England and actually puts the clues out in Greenwich Mean Time).   Needles were prepped, yarn cakes were made, iPad battery was charged, I was ready to go!

Delicious yarn cakes. (by Red Sock Blue Sock and Fleece Artist)

I actually packed a picnic, went to an aquafit class and then settled in under a tree at Minto park to cast on.  The theme of the shawl, as noted in the title, is extending and enjoying that last little bit of summer.  Thursday was a perfect day for that as our humidity had finally broken and it was perfect outdoor knitting time, and between aquafit and my next appointment I had about three hours free to make a serious dent in my knitting!  A friend even came by to keep me company under the tree.

The amount of leaves in this picture makes it look more Fall-ish than its been.

This first clue has been very zen, and didn’t really give much away about what the rest of the shawl will bring.  It did make almost immediate use of the Project Talkers I bought in Almonte last weekend though, so I could tell the front from the back.


Today were having some proper knitting weather (its raining), so I sat down and finished the first clue while catching up on important Summer TV things from the week like Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance.

My freshly completed Clue 1. Just have to wait till Thursday to get Clue 2 and continue on from here!

So much more mystery to follow!!! Three clues to go!


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