Almonte, The (Knitter) Friendly Town

For the long weekend, we decided to take a little local road trip to a nearby small town we’d somehow never ventured to before, Almonte, Ontario.  Only about 30 minutes west of Ottawa, this little mill town has a vital, fun downtown core, and was a treasure trove of knitter friendly items, even for a gal on a yarn diet!

We started at the Farmer’s Market, where there was wool!

Trailhead Yarns I met your Mom!

A wander through some antique stores showed us some buttons and sock blockers and many, many amazing vintage knitting and needlework books I didn’t photograph.

The sock blocker was deemed too big for me, but I know where I’m going next time I need buttons!!!

My biggest score of the day was at Hello Yellow, which might be my new favourite store ever.  Filled with slightly edgy, cute, pretty things.  This amazing sign was in their window, and they had an appropriate sized print for me to take home for my “craft room”, along with super-duper buttons that will adorn my knitting bag.


Finally, we ended up in a full fledged yarn/quilting store, Textile Traditions.  I must admit, I didn’t look too closely at the wool, in order to keep up my yarn diet success, but they did seem to have some things I didn’t recognize, which was interesting.  I did purchase a neat little notion set, that will help me keep organized when projects get laid to the wayside.

A view of the yarn wall at Textile Traditions.
Project Talkers!  They each have a different word, like knit, front, centre etc. so you can label your project well before it gets lost to the annals of time.

It was a great little day trip, and those were only the knitting highlights!  There were also crepes!  And of course, I did this all wrong, because in actuality, next weekend, Almonte hosts the annual FibreFest, which includes shooting hundreds of wooden lambs over their falls on Sunday afternoon!  And some record-setting weaving.  And assuredly even more knitting friendly vendors.  Oh dear.


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