Imaginary Friends

They’re not imaginary exactly.  Virtual I guess?  Distant perhaps?  Like pen pals?  I have a lot of people I consider knitting friends that don’t know me, and that I’ve never met.  People that host podcasts.  The folks that post in my favourite Ravelry boards.  Fellow (!) bloggers.  And I do stuff with them sometimes.

My contributions so far are on the top left and in the middle.

I think I recently mentioned that I’m participating in the Canadian Knitter’s Gummy Bear Knit-A-Long (#GummyBearKAL). That particular KAL seems to be mostly on Instagram, and its a bunch of people knitting up their Felici Sock wool in the candy-rific Gummy Bear colourway at the same time and sharing pictures as we go.  It’s fun to see how other people are treating the wool (I seem to be the only one not doing a straight vanilla sock) and to share a sense of community as we push forward toward sock completion.


My real life knitting buddy has convinced me to take it a step further and participate with her in the Curious Handmade Summertide Mystery Knit-A-Long (#SummertideMKAL) (starts September 10 if you want to join in!).  Curious Handmade is the brainchild of one of my favourite designers, Helen Stewart, so its pretty hard to resist one of her shawls.  But in a MKAL we’ll have no idea what we’re making till it’s done!  Clues (pattern information) will come out one week at a time for a month.

The pink ties them together. In real life, the pinks match more closely. Brought you by Red Sock Blue Sock and Fleece Artist.

I think there may be some prizes with this one, but mostly its about camaraderie and fun and using up stash. I managed to a find a pretty neat pairing in my stash for it I think!  Very summer sunset.  No one has started knitting yet, and there are nearly 600 posts of chatter on the board discussing yarn choices and excitement.  That’s some pretty good virtual friendship.

Those are just the tip of the Knit-A-Long iceberg…there’s the KnitGirlll’s Stash Dash (maybe next year?), the Tour de Fleece for spinners and of course the big one: the Ravellenics.  There’s lots of small, unique ones too.  Something for everyone, and their imaginary friends!


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