Cowl, Set and Match!

It took a few false starts, but I managed to both start and finish the matching cowl for my hat and mitten set today!  I did go with the Whipped Cream Cowl, and I found some size 19 needles, which compared to the toothpicks I’m usually knitting socks on, feel like tree trunks.

The paperclip is for scale.

I mixed up the ends of the wool (twice), had issues in an attempt to magic loop this and eventually switched to the medium size which fit on my 29″ circulars.  But!  After that, it was a breeze.  And it looks gorgeous.

It looks like something an organized person would have.

I’ve never managed to plan sufficiently to make a full set including Hat, Neck warming device and Mittens before.  Not that I really had a plan here, I just bought enough wool to figure it out, instead of my usual single skein.  Lesson learned.  Always buy more wool!!  The whole set together will be perfect on those chilly Ottawa winter days when nothing but something extra thick and wooly will do.  And a dash of something this bright will be a good reminder that winter doesn’t last forever.


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