Finished Object Friday!

Don’t get too excited.  I don’t have a finished object every Friday.  But after a slight pause following my two knitting dates on Tuesday (and some moderate hand complaints following that), I present to you: Quick Bulky Mittens.  Woooot!

One hand in a mitten, other one was busy taking the picture 🙂

In conversation with my knitting buddy Tuesday evening, it was becoming obvious there would be most of a skein leftover. But what to do with it?  I already knit a hat.  That’s not even close to enough for a scarf.  Great idea to complete the set? Neckwarmer! Or in fancy knitting parlance, a cowl.

This much pretty yarn can’t go to waste.

So, as soon the mittens were done, I picked up the remainder, put it on the kitchen scale, did a tiny bit of math and determined that there are about 65 yards/60 metres to work with.  And then I discovered that you can customize the yardage requirements in the search bar in the pattern search in Ravelry!   That site really gets me and my needs.  A few of the options have floated to the top for me, but I’m leaning toward the Whipped Cream Cowl, which is going to require a hunt for a size 19 needles, but should knit up in a flash after that!

I often say, I’m not sure what’s better in knitting – finishing a project or starting one.  This is the best of both worlds, I’m basically doing both!  Wheeeeeee!


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