Things I Didn’t Buy

Since that amazing trip to Nova Scotia in July, I’ve been on a so-called “Yarn Diet”.  It was pretty easy at first, since my hand was totally incapacitated for a while.  But on Tuesday, I met a friend at Wabi Sabi and had to actually encounter gorgeous wool in person, with a fairly functional hand.  So here’s some pictures of things I didn’t buy.  PROUD OF MYSELF.


I didn’t buy this STUNNING Yarn Indulgences Merino blend that had just come in that morning. In my ultimate favourite colours. I probably didn’t buy this one the most out of all of them.


I didn’t buy these Julie Asselin blues and speckles.  No I did not.  Not even the one called Elsa.


I didn’t even buy ANY of these Julie Asselin gradient sets that would probably be PERFECT for my dream project Joker and the Thief.  Not even a little.

Someday I’ll show you some of the awesome things that are actually in my stash, and you’ll understand why I can’t be going around buying all these pretty things willy nilly. Taking pictures of them helped.  Going back to work with my amazing yarn from my trip to Nova Scotia helped.  But buying these things would have been fun!  My friend did buy the one called Elsa, so at least one of those is going to a good home 🙂


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