Knitting Connections

From outside, I imagine knitting seems like a solitary pursuit.  And it certainly can be.  Knitting has helped keep me entertained alone in lots of situations – waiting rooms, when the husband is away, really anytime where I am on my own and want to fill my brain with activity, knitting is there for me.  But, more than just that, in reality knitting brings people together.  When I “knit in public” people can’t help but come ask me about it.  When I learned to knit, it was with a small group of people learning from each other.  I’m part of a wonderful knitting guild that is so social our President occasionally loses her voice trying to get us back under control from our break times.

This summer, when I was on my little knitting related jaunt to Nova Scotia, I made a few knitting connections.  At Dartmouth Yarns, I met a fellow customer and we were fast Ravelry friends.  We kept trying to buy the same yarn.  And convincing my friend to buy the expensive tools (she went for them, Karbonz interchangeables, and I am still jealous).  I should get a commission for selling her a set of Fleece Artist for colourwork.  I knew we were kindred spirits, but I didn’t really expect our paths to cross again since I’m rarely in the neighborhood of the city of lakes.

Our knitting hanging out together, like we did.

So of course, this week I got a note from her saying she was in Ottawa, and would like to get together!  I was a touch nervous, but went for it anyway.  We met up at one of our local wool purveyors (sensibly) and then went for (iced) tea. And we got along like old friends.  I think because knitters already have something in common, it’s easy for us to just start being friends and doing stuff.  We already have something to do when we get together.  We share a crazy passion for fibres. And if you’ve met a knitter who doesn’t like to talk about knitting…well…that’s just crazy.

I love being part of the big community of knitters and making all these new connections all the time, in lots of different ways.


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