Works In Progress

I like the term Work In Progress (in knitter jargon this is frequently shortened to WIP).  I know a lot of knitters have a pile of shame, or find the WIP pile to be a source of frustration.  But for me, it’s a nice idea, having these things that are coming along, making their way to completion.

Now, this wasn’t always the case.  After a house cleaning incident in a knitting fallow period a few years ago that resulted in the purging of a garbage bag of works in progress, I made a commitment to one project at a time.  In fact, for quite a while, I didn’t even have the wool for more than one project at a time, but we’ll talk about my stash some other time…

Right now, I have two fairly active works in progress and two big long-term projects.

The Active Projects:


Since having my carpal tunnel surgery, I’ve been working on a super bulky, super warm hat and mitten set.  I like to think that working on it in the summer sunshine will make it even warmer when the time comes to actually wear it.   It’s a nice project post surgery because the movements are relatively big, the progress is significant even when I don’t knit very much, and this wool is stunning.  It’s from the Mineville Wool Project and I totally fell in love with it at the Gaspereau Valley Fibre Shop while on a knitting adventure in Nova Scotia this summer.  The hat is Tofino Surfer, by the awesome Tin Can Knits, and the cables were just right to make this wool really shine.  When I was done, I realized there was a enough left for mittens and I found an incredible speed knitting mitten pattern from Darn Knit Anyway!  Just one more super fast mitten to go!


I pretty much always have a pair of socks on the go.  They fit in my purse, I can work on them anywhere, and I am addicted to self-striping yarns.  You may have heard that Knitpicks brought back its beautiful Felici sock this summer.  Well, I was certainly not immune to that.  So after a challenging sock experience this Spring, I cast on Vanilla Latte socks as a palette cleanser, and almost got them done before surgery.  I continue to find it funny that my Vanilla Latte socks are in the Teacup colourway.

The Long Term Projects:


This one is more of a medium term project.  I really think it will get done.  After a class in the fall with Aknitica, I got really obsessed with fair isle knitting.  I love the feeling of knitting with both hands, and the power of making the designs.  It also reminds my cross stitching fun in my youth.  But I wasn’t really ready to take on a sweater.  Then I found this post on Pinterest outlining how to make a pretty awesome fair isle cowl.  I think I’m about 2 feet in, and I love it.  It’s in the penalty box due to surgery, of course.


The last one is the big one.  The one I forget exists.  I started it last Christmas Eve in a fit of excitement when I got TEN skeins of Fleece Artist from the husband for Xmas.  And one of them was just right for casting on something I’d been obsessing over for a while.  Celestarium.  A shawl.  A shawl that accurately depicts the Northern night sky.  The knitting is relatively simple. But in its final stage, it takes 8 pages of charts to show a single row.  Its going to be stunning.  When the progress is complete.


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